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tv   NBC11 News Bay Area  NBC  September 5, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california. good morning, i'm kris sanchez. next on "bay area sunday," an east bay killing spree could be answered. somewhere in this job fill. and is jaws lurking just below bay area waters? and an alcohol scene is brewing in one bay area city. why it could leave you in bad spirits. good morning to you. take a live look at oakland. we see lots of haze there, but it is going to burn off and it's going to be nice and toasty for your labor day. i'm kris sanchez along with nbc bay area meteorologist craig herrera, and so that is good news, because we didn't get much
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of a summer. so we can at least he said end the summer with a bang. >> yeah, at least. you saw that shot, kris. lots of sunshine everywhere. not a whole lot of fog this morning. so you can tell, it's going to be a pretty warm day out there, and more so tomorrow. here are the headlines through today. some patchy fog along the coast, close to san francisco. warmer tomorrow than it is today, and then significant cooling on tuesday and wednesday. you're going to notice a big change. 54 right now in san francisco. who 40s in the north end of bay. not a lot of cloud cover, cooled off a bit. temperatures remaining close to what we were this time yesterday. here's your daily planner, sock some 80s by noon, and 90s in warmer spots. and some more on the map today, kris. i'll have your seven-day forecast, but more 90s and we'll talk about the cooldown, as well. the weekend looks great. >> thank you very much. in just one hour, crews will begin a day of searching in an east bay landfill, looking for any signs of a missing hercules man. police say 35 year-old frederick
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salas could be a victim in a killing spree last week. as we report, so far search crews have come up empty-handed. >> reporter: assisted by teams of volunteers, hercules police spent a second day combing through about an acre of the keller canyon landfill, slowly sifting through tons of garbage. >> we have a dog that is here from contra costa county search and rescue going through the debris. so they're basically doing it bucket by bucket. >> reporter: 35-year-old frederick salas hasn't been seen since his father was bludgeoneded to death one week ago. police believe he was killed in the home where both salas' lived, a home they rented from his girlfriend, cindy tran who is dead as well. one thought is that his body was
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disposed of ain a dumpster where he once worked and where police found the cadillac escalade he was last seen driving. the trash from those dumpsters ends up at the keller canyon landfill. 38-year-old voldomoyer was killed by chp officers. his girlfriend was strangled to death in his car. in total, four victims are dead. and if frederick salas turns up dead, too, he would be the fifth. investigators say the motive in two killings appears to be jealousy that, he had fought with the salas' in the past and believed the girlfriend was romantically involved with one of them. >> since all the key players in this incident are now deceased, it's purely speculation at this point. >> reporter: monte francis, nbc, bay area news. >> and that landfill search will resume at 8:00 this morning. so far crews have only assisted through about half the area they are targeting, so the search
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could continue tomorrow. tonight, a grieving community will gather to remember the lives of the three women and one man killed in last week's rampage. the hercules chapter of filipino americans will host the vigil. it begins at 7:00 tonight. to redwood city, where this morning sections of a small plane that plummeted into a la gone will head to a warehouse for inspection. crews pulled it out on friday. they say the engine of a small plane was intact before it crashed. the ntsb plans to review maintenance record, as well as toxicology tests on the passengers' bodies. three people died in thursday's crash, including a flight instructor, and bay area steel tie coop robert foreman. just in time for labor day weekend, another great white shark sighting on a bay area beach. on thursday, people at dorran
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beach, spotted a shark with a sea lie onin its mouth. witnesses say they thought it was 18 feet long. this follows a sighting earlier, two weeks ago, another sighting also in bay area waters. school is under way, but deep budget cuts means some students are left wondering whether they will ever get the classes they need. "the examiner" reports 15,000 students in the san mateo county are on a wait list for one of their classes. since 2008, the state cut $25 million to that district, and as a result the district slashed classes and part time faculty hours. and that is taking a toll on enrollment. the number of students taking classes in the district this year is down 3.4%. cash-strapped cal train will spend $1 million to settle a lawsuit of a family of a boy hit by a train. he had gotten off a train in april in 2008 when he rode his skateboard under a lowered
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crossing arm on the san bruno station tracks. though witnesses say he was listening to headphones at the time when the train hit him, in the lawsuit, cal train is enaccused of encouraging and even allowing people to cross as he did. it is unknown how much of the money will go to the family and how much will cover legal fees and other costs. it comes as the transit agency faces a budget gap that could result in service cuts and/or fare hikes. 49ers have a few days after before the start of their season. but they're still working to move the home field to the south bay. wednesday santa clara's planning commission will go over necessary zoning changes for the nearly $1 billion stadium. taxpayers are expected to pony up about $114 million of the cost. the commission will also decide whether or not to approve the stadium's design. critics argue the massive 68,000-seat stadium won't leave enough room for other development in that area. one day after labor day
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barbecues, the cost of alcohol could go up in it san francisco. on tuesday, the board of supervisors will vote on a plan that will slap a fee on alcohol. the idea is to cover some $17 million in unreimbursed health care costs related to alcohol abuse and treatment. the fee would apply to wholesalers who sell alcohol in the city of san francisco. but critics say once the cost is passed across the bar, it will mean 5 cents more per drink for consumers. opponents say they will sue if the board approves the fee. still ahead on the "bay area sunday," an important new turn in the gulf oil disaster. the key to understanding how the leak happened and why the fbi is involved now just ahead. and a slip of the tongue and a slide down the chute. was cabin pressure enough to take down this flight attendant's career? the official decision, just ahead. [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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a state of emergency in new zealand's second largest city after a 7.5 earthquake. it left large cracks in roads and sparked several fires, but remarkab remarkably, only two people were seriously hurt. shelters have been set up, suspect a curfew is in place to prevent people from going near buildings damaged in the quake. a key piece of evidence, the blowout preventer in that 300 ton device that sat on top of the failed well in the gulf of mexico is on its way to a nasa facility in louisiana to be analyzed. crews want to know how it malfunctioned. fbi agents took possession of it once it was brought up. the blow out preventer is expected to give investigators new insight into the spill. once tests are finished, bp hopes crews will be able to seal off the ruptured well for good. thousands of conservative christians are descend on the state capitol this weekend to
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pray for what they call a religious revival in america. the founder of a national movement called "call to conscientio conscientio conscientious" held an event yesterday. about 5 to 8,000 people showed up at its peak. >> for young people, it's about, like, stopping abortion, not stopping trafficking. we're trying to put a stop to that. >> what we're doing today is praying and believing that people will come back to their god. >> participants oppose abortions, gay marriage, pornography, prostitution, and a movement away from organized religion. they quit. the president of the university of california and the chancellor for the state community college system both resigned from the board of the california chamber of commerce after the board voted to endorse meg witman for governor. it is the latest example of the state's largest business organization, increasing its political profile.
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uc president mark yudof stopped his chamber membership last week in anticipation of the chamber board's vote. yudof says he cannot take sides in intellectual politics. chambers traditionally stays out of politics but the group is often seen as republican-friendly. community college chancellor jack scott also left the chamber of commerce board. one in ten californians have labor day off, because they don't have a job. the "l.a. times" reports the unemployment rate could remain high for years, leaving americans out of work. right now, the national unemployment rate is at 9.6%. in it july, california's jobless rate stood at 12.3%, third highest in the nation. here's, slight growth is expected, san jose is expected to improve, and oakland by .3%. as for those hardest hit, a new report suggests it is people over the age of 50.
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the "mercury news" reports it's cutting into retirement funds. according to the aarp, retirement account balances decreased 32% between 2007 and 2009. people over 50 accounted for a quarter of the country's foreclosures, as well. one person not getting his job back, steven slater. jetblue says the flight attendant is no longer employed by jetblue. slater's lawyer had said he loved flying and wanted to return to work. slater was suspended from the airline for a month after he swore at passengers on a plane's loud speaker and then jumped down the emergency chute with beer in hand. jetblue will not release further details, the company says, out of respect for slater's privacy. we do know there was a talk of a reality show for him in the works. we'll see. coming up next on the "bay area sunday," an historic bell
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will ring again. and live right now in san francisco, we can make out court tower and alcatraz. a little bit of fog, most over the water. we'll talk about the warm labor day forecast in just a bit.
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7:16 now. and our photographer is on the scene of oakland pride, the first lesbian, gay, transgender pride festival for oakland in more than five years. things are going to get under way at noon. shack acan is the headliner. sounds like fun. for six decades, a large bell called audiences back to their seats after intermission at the peninsula theater until someone stole it from hill barn theater e the courtyard. but there is a happy ending to the story and that's why you can see, it the bell, which was made
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in 1908 was found and is now back where it belongs in the theater. it was returned friday, which ironically, was the theater's 70th anniversary. >> never thought we would find it. >> we thought it had been melted long ago. it's wonderful. >> the anonymous caller to the theater said the bell could be found in a scrap metal yard in san leandro. police went to claim the bell and brought it back to the theater. that bell will soon be back in action at the theater once they find a safe place for it. don't want the stealing to happen again. how could you steal something that big, is what i want to know? >> it's great it came back on the anniversary, too, right? too bad it was gone. >> right. so folks are not going to be ringing bells today, but they're going to be maybe lighting some barbecues and a little early labor day. >> sunscreen going today, kris. pretty warm day. today and tomorrow. yesterday we had 80s and a couple 90s. today is warmer, not a whole lot of fog.
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barbecue today. i'll be right over. starting live in san francisco. whatever your plans are today, if you're going out over the water and just going for a hike, beautiful day. if you want to avoid the heat, get it done early. this is looking outside toward court tower, alcatraz, and a very thin haze over the water. and as we look out over oakland, can make out quite a distance, cloud cover and fog. but most of it is blown out of here quickly. and right blind it, the sunshine settles in and so do warmer temperatures. looking live over sonoma hills right now, a little thin layer, finger right through the valleys and hills there. but overall, sunny conditions through most of the bay area. we've got your live shot in san jose and some of the clouds have come closer to the hills in through st. fremont and south, closer to gilroy and san martin, and gilmore hill. but the wind will clear things out quickly. not a strong wind, but off shore wind. your weather headlines. once we get clearing going, it's
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earlier today than yesterday. it took some time to get the clearing going and sunshine out. it will warm up. monday, add on a couple degrees to the highs we get today, just in time for your labor day. we're seeing plenty of 90s. but notice tuesday and wednesday, significant cooling. some cold air is going to dive right over the bay area, we cool off quite a bit. highs will only be in the 60s and 70s in the warmer spots, especially on wednesday. right now in the 40s for the north end, napa, 45, 57 in san francisco. here is this ridge of high pressure keeping us warm today and tomorrow. there is the cold air that comes in on tuesday and wednesday. for today and tomorrow, get the big plans going. the wind is coming out of the north and northeast, that offshore wind gets rid of all the fog, so we're warming today. this moves east and a little more tomorrow so we get more of the northeasterly winds. look at the bayside communities. 80s at the beaches, 70s and inland, to 90s. your get-away forecast. 103 through las vegas. 108 through palm springs,
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central valley close to 100. central coast, gorgeous, with 70s here and close to sacramento, more 90s. we've got your forecast for the afternoon here near 70 at the beach, 83 san jose. 93 livermore, and 88 in sonoma. here is the seven-day forecast. a little bit warmer tomorrow. that is the hottest day, labor day. after that, look at that big drop. highs in the warmer spots today or tomorrow, rather, 96. look at wednesday. 75. quite a change. right now, just enjoy the weekend. >> do you think that will be the last time we are -- this hot again? >> you know, sometimes we still warm up a little bit, but if it do does, usually a day or two and then cools off quickly. so anything won't be too long lived. >> start packing for summer. an art project is attracting a lot of attention, but some it is unwanted. the idea is the pianos are for
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anybody to play in public, but several have been tagged with graffiti. one only made it five hours before someone scrawled graffiti across it. the british artist says good artistic graffiti can be positive, but he's not a fan of the petty tagging. despite the vandalism, many people are still enjoying the instruments throughout the city. why not? still ahead, on the bay area sunday, heavy metal the scottish way. the east bay athletic competition, where the winner wears a kilt. >> i'm laura behnke, the giants pulling off a heck of a comeback in l.a. last night. and college football is here. a pair of local qbs shine, and the raiders make their cuts.
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it is north cal versus southern cal in baseball.
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laura behnke has highlights. >> good morning, everyone. tligs thanks to the padres currently free-fall, the national league west is a four-horse race. so with one month of regular season baseball remaining, it basically means whichever team gets hot in september will be playing in october. last night two contenders squared off in l.a., and as you expect, giants and dodgers meet up and it was a wild one. matt cain took the mound and gave l.a. a 4-0 lead, which forced the giants to play catch-up. now 4-2. the next batter after a solo shot is pat burrow, and what does he do in his pinch hitting situation? sends another solo home run. giants going back-to-back. it's 4-3, l.a. top nine, same score, broston trying to close things out, but aribe has other plans. the giants score unanswered home runs, stunning the dodgers 5-4, now two games behind the padres.
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and yesterday afternoon at the coliseum, the a's and angels. cahill trying to become the first oakland pitchner three years to win 15 games in a season. bottom two, 1-0 a's. cahill gets his 15th win, the a's get the w, 3-1. last year was toby gearhart, this year, andrew luck. the cardinals cannot keep themselves out of the heisman trophy talk this season. it's all about number 12, and nfl scouts already checking him out. yesterday, though, scouts saw a pretty good show as the cardinals kicked off the season by hosting sacramento state at stanford stadium. first quarter, 7-0 stanford. luck airing it out, baldwin in stride takes care of the rest. pretty play. 81 yards, 14-0 cardinals. luck had four tds in the first half, 17-23 for 316 yards. stanford rolled, 52-17.
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>> and now to strawberry canyon, a beautiful afternoon for football as the bears face uc davis with the winningest coach in the modern era. a big day for a pair. third quarter, kevin reilly. remember the name, keenan allen, a freshman. this one going for 48 yards. reilly had three tds, 258 yards. the bears win 52-3. last night san jose state opening the season against alabama, who was without heisman trophy winner mark ingram. not a problem. aj mckaron, the pass to julio jones lays out to make the amazing one-handed grab. that's a touchdown. alabama sails. 48-3 win. as of 3:00 yesterday afternoon, hundreds of nfl players are now without jobs. final roster cuts were due yesterday, and the raiders were among the many teams in making their moves as rethey leased 22
7:27 am
players to get to the required 253-man squad. 53-man squad. one cut came later than others and it was probably a surprise to stevie brown. the rookie thought he made the team earlier in the day when the initial cuts were announced and even met with reporters to discuss being safe. however, a few hours later the seventh round pick was released. pretty tough. based on a report out of florida, not everybody, though, agreed with this decision. according to radio host andy slater, the coaching staff wanted to keep brown, and instead cut mike mitchell, but al davis overruled. and that's your morning look at sports. have a great day. oh. feel bad for brown. sports competition in the east bay is proving real men and women wear kilts. day two of the scottish island games kicks off today. events include the kaiber throw, where participants see who can throw a tree trunk the farthest. and the butti putting of the st like shot put.
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you can still buy tickets for less than 20 bucks. by the way, this is a good deal if you have kids. kids under 12 get in for free. much more ahead on the "bay area sunday." coming up next, sick of waiting around when your bus is late? the push for cabbies on call. and if you're planning on running errands instead of running off to a labor day barbecue, here's what you need to know tomorrow. city and county offices all closed, as are banks, post offices and schools. b.a.r.t., cal train, and municipally will run on their sunday schedule. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland,
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but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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take a live look at oakland this morning where they're getting ready for the first pride festival in more than five years. shacka can is going to be there and the artest who did, it's
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raining men, martha wash. and there is a kid-friendly area, with food and beverage booths so they're ready to go if you want to head out there. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. i'm kris sanchez along with members bay area meteorologist craig herrera. you get to be the sunshine crew today. >> it's nice. you get to tell people it's going to be sunny and warm and have lots of friends and on wednesday i'm going to hide from those of you, bringing the cold weather. a cooldown happening wednesday. headlines for today, a little bit of patchy fog and clouds, sunshine going early, warmer tomorrow. right now, 40s and 50s and most 40s are in the north end of the bay. your daily planner, look at that. you've got some 70s and some 80s by the time we get into, say noon. 90s by this afternoon. 93 livermore, 67, san francisco. kris, we'll tack about the seven-day forecast in a little bit warmer tomorrow and then that cooldown we were talking about on wednesday. for right now, the weekend is fantastic. >> okay. as long as you leave our weekend -- >> yeah, leave it alone. >> thanks, craig. and a consumer alert for you
7:32 am
now. some of those premade deli sandwiches we grab could have tainted meat. a new york meat producer is recalling nearly 400,000 pounds of deli meat products sold at walmart stores. samples tested positive for a dangerous bacteria. those sandwiches were sold under the name grab and go and had used by days between august 20th and september 10th. so far, no illnesses reported. this year marks a special day for google since the founders started the company. a new investigation into the company's practices could be cutting the celebration short. the texas attorney general is reviewing google's methods after complaints that the company has abused powers -- its power as the internet's dominant search engine. the review is focusing on whether google is manipulating its search results to stifle competition. the pecking order can make or break websites, because google's search engine processes
7:33 am
two-thirds of all the search requests in the u.s. it handles even more volume worldwide. burger king is having it its way. environmentalists this weekend are praising the hamburger chain for not using palm oil. burger king says it is cancelling its contract over concerns that it has not adopted sustainable farming practices. burger king cites an independent audit, including planting in some swamps and secondary rain forests. the hamburger chain was using palm oil for frying. no word yet on what it will use instead. this week on wall street, it is all about jobs, jobs, jobs. cnbc's julia boorstin takes a look at the upcoming week in the world of business. >> historic trading week on wall street. all u.s. markets are closed monday to celebrate labor day, which honors the american
7:34 am
worker. friday we learn the national unemployment rate picked up to 9.6%, even though private companies added 67,000 jobs in august. this week, president obama promised to unveil a new package of job creation measures designed to jump start even more hiring. we'll get the weekly report on first time jobless claims which have fallen for two weeks in a row. and the job openings and labor turnover survey or jolts to see what sectors of the economy are hiring. the beige book is out on wednesday. that's the federal reserve's banks monthly survey of economic conditions around the nation based on reports by economists, business leaders, market makers and more. the board of general motors is expected to meet to decide when the revved up automaker will start selling stock to the public. reports say after the november elections is the likeliest time. apple starts shipping its newly revamped ipods along with the smaller cheaper itv device.
7:35 am
the nfl officially kicks off its 91st season thursday. last week they pulled in $9 billion in revenue. i'm julia woor boorstin. get all your business news on cnbc. >> we like football season. you can get your business and tech report before the markets open weekdays on nbc bay area starting at 4:30 in the morning. in san francisco, muni riders who wait patiently for a bus to arrive could find relief by pushing a button at the bus stop. that wouldn't speed up the bus, but you would be calling yourself a cab. the mta may install calling buttons that would connect people with an available cab if the wait for a bus is too long. through a dispatch system, the nearest cab driver would be the first person alerted by that on-call button. muni says no decision on that proposal is imminent. there are 4,000 muni bus stops in the city, but 7,000 registered cabbies.
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a bay area company has found a way to save parents time and money, and help with the clutter in the kids' closet. you hooked? so are the users of a nationwide swap site that could be just the right fit for you. >> how big is kiely? so big. >> reporter: baby kiely is so big, and getting bigger every day. so is her 5-year-old sister, julie ana, and that means mom has a growing problem, too. >> with kids, you're always overflowing with clothes. >> reporter: piles and piles of clothes that don't fit, but
7:39 am
still have life in them. starting a national clothing children's swap. >> as soon as you register, the company will send you flat rate shipping boxes. you take the box, you stuff it full of the clothing that no longer fits your kids and list it as available for swap. when someone chooses your box, the company will arrange for pickup, and the mailman picks it up. in the meantime, you can browse for the boxes you want sent to you. the total cost, 13 bucks. >> basically, once the kids are asleep, i'm watching my tv and i'm on the internet kind of searching and that's when i do my listing of boxes, too. i bring out all my old clothes. and i just roll them up and put them in the box. >> reporter: members who join for free get a brief description. premium members can pay for more detailed prescriptions like brands. but either way it's clothing that is unstained and unfaded, good enough to wear. at least that is the thread of golden rule, only send what you
7:40 am
would be willing to bet. don't, and your stuff is less appealing. >> 92% of the boxes have been rated at 3 or 4 stars, so the quality is really exceptional. moms are generally -- they play very nice. >> reporter: and it seems those moms like the concept. they have swapped more than 5,000 boxes since the company launched in april and the site is adding 1,200 new members a month. for moms like carol, thread up is a perfect fit. >> you can do it from home, which i love as a busy mom. >> ceo says the concept is so popular, the company is putting together a costume swap, just in time for halloween. this is for our next story. starting today, target will sell gift cards. you can use the facebook credits to buy other virtual goodies on facebook games like farmville
7:41 am
and all kinds of things that people play. gift cards come in values ranging from $15 to $50. this is the first time facebook has shown up in retail stores. gift cards are a huge money maker for companies, because you give them your money, which then they can invest. speaking of facebook and all of those location-based services like four square and twitter, you might not want to post your labor day weekend plans online, that is if you want your belongings to be there when you get home. place say your status update could tip burglars off you're going to be away from your house for as long as three days. travel agents say that there is a 10% increase in hotel bookings, car rentals and vacation packages this labor day weekend. aaa says it has been a very busy travel summer, and this weekend will not be any different. overall, travel is better than last year, and some say the economy is better as well. the price at the pump appears to be holding steady. it averages about $2.68 a gallon nationwide, enough to get people
7:42 am
to take road trips to places near or far, of course, in the bay area, we always pay a little more than the national average. still ahead on "bay area sunday," kids are back at school, but are they making the grade? our political analyst larry gerston will weigh in live here in studio. and there is a lot going on around the bay area this weekend. a pregame ceremony and fund-raiser for breast cancer survivors this afternoon at 12:40. the game starts at 1:05. oakland is also hosting its first gay pride celebration in more than five years. the event starts at noon today at 19th and franklin street. it features 60 artists on four stages, including shakakan. golden gate transit is featuring more than 20,000 original works of fine art starting at 10:00 in the morning. and national sea shores hosting its 29th annual sand sculpture
7:43 am
contest. this year, the prize goes to the most recycled plastic, from 9:00 this morning until 3:00 this afternoon. we'll be right back.
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7:45 am
for most school children in california, summer this year was longer than ever. good news for them. but it is because the state school year is shorter than ever. for more on this shift and what it means, let's turn to nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston. what's this about? don't we want them in school longer? >> i guess this is a good news, bad news story. it depends who you are. more than school, it's more than about summer. it's about, surprise, money. money, money. look, a few months ago, the state legislature decided to get smart. they reduced the number of required days of school from 180
7:46 am
to 175. some districts, as a matter of fact, go down to as low as 170 days in the course of a year. what's the reason behind this? well, an effort to save that average daily attendance fund that these folks pay, the legislature pays, so all the schools every day of the school year. guess what? those five days save the state $1.3 billion from five days of fewer days of school. >> yeah, but we also know that those five days mean five more days that the kids are -- have in between their last lesson and their first lesson. how is this going to make us stack up against other states? >> there's always a problem, isn't there? there's a big problem. and that's your job. there's a big problem here, kris, as you expect, this isn't so good. a recent study by the education commission of the state, a nonpartisan think tank, finds of the 42 states, california is tied for 35th place. kansas, by the way, leads the
7:47 am
nation -- kansas, of all things, leads the nation at 186 days. colorado, also surprising, is last with 160. one other point. worth mentioning here. some districts in california, particularly the affluent districts, of course, will add as many as seven or eight days per year, because they passed their own partial taxes and things like that. but the not everybody has that. so in a sense, adding a few days is not a function of what the state does, but really a function of local wealth and subject to approval of those partial taxes. so the unevenness even grows as the state reduces its commitment. >> okay. so on thursday, california replaced its year-end standardized tests of english and math with the national test. >> yes. >> so what is this going to mean? if you're going to school fewer days than kansas, fewer than california, what does it mean? >> the good news is long term 44 states are going to buy into the same kind of test.
7:48 am
we know this much. in terms of future scores, we know the poorer scores right now are already occurring and we're doing pretty miserably. here are a few results. fourth grade reading from 2009, fourth grade reading, california ranked 49th. 49th. fourth grade ranked in math, california ranked 44th. eighth grade math, california ranked 48th. look, last time i heard, we only had 50 states. so when you're talking that low, you can only imagine where we might go with five fewer days. one week less in school, it's hard to believe our kids are going to do better. >> we want to turn to the budget. prop 25 is almost on the ballot, penalizing lawmakers by not letting them have their pay or back pay if they fail to pass a budget. do you think it has legs? is it growing? >> it's got teeth. but here's the other story about prop 25. the other part is it requires the legislature to pass a budget with a majority vote, not a two-thirds vote. the folks who believe in a two-thirds vote are going to
7:49 am
fight very hard against that proposition. >> all right. we'll see what happens. won't be the last time we talk about it, i promise. thank you very much, larry. yes, we will be right back with your detailed labor day weekend. larry and i. >> of course. >> be right back.
7:50 am
7:51 am
lucky you, the air quality is good enough to fire up the barbecue today or tomorrow. it is going to be hot. >> absolutely. clear conditions for most of us. waking up to 50s and not a whole lot of fog. whatever is out there is going to burn off quickly. and this afternoon, more of those the 90s. we take you outside, and this is san francisco. that is fantastic. you can make out part of the golden gate off in the distance. just barely. so the fog that's off in the distance, not real thick. and we can see most of the skyline. yeah, haven't seen it in sometime. all right, next shot. as we head off over to oakland and the coliseum, a little bit of haze over into the hills, but, again, not so bad. and we will see some sunshine earlier today. next shot as we head off to the
7:52 am
sonole area and through the hills, plenty of sunshine. couple high clouds drifting up overhead but that is not going to last very long at 7:52. now by the time we get to 9:00, most of us will be under the sunshine. 57 in san jose. lots of 50s for most of the places south and east. and into the north end of the bay, with a little bit of haze, but the not a whole lot of cloud cover, only in the 40s, a cold start to the morning, around napa, american canyon, vallejo, couple low to mid 40s there, as well. the satellite image, cold air bottled up. i've been talking about this cold air happening tuesday and wednesday. that's goings to dive straight in but for now in time for the weekend, we've got this ridge parked over us with that in place much the winds coming out of the north and northeast. so warming just a bit today. more so tomorrow. tomorrow we'll have more of the mid and upper 90s in some of the warmer spots. and look at the beaches. 70s tomorrow. near 80 in some cases, as well.
7:53 am
bay side plenty of 80s tomorrow. and after that, that cold air i was talking about is just going to settle right on in. the winds going to pick up. the fog is going to get really deep in the overnight hours and into the morning hours. it will take a lot longer to get the sunshine going, and we'll cool off, especially wednesday. 70s, 80s and couple 930s. most of us seeing the sunset at -- the sunset at 7:32 tonight. really nice and sunny. a great evening ahead. a little bit warmer tomorrow. closer to those mid and upper 90s in some of the warmer spots as you enjoy your labor day. and maybe at the beach or the pool. and then quite a bit cooler on wednesday. at that point, you are going to need some layers. all right, look at mika. little doggy there, so cute. lots apsos yesterday. bella and gracie, love to really travel all over the bay area. here is another one with the raiderettes. gracie from bethel island.
7:54 am
mike, thanks for sending that in. look, they're all ready to go. their sisters, and they've got some pom poms. >> that's awesome. happy labor day, kraig. and happy labor day to you. an all new "meet the press" is coming up and we go to david gregory. >> good morning, labor day weekend, and the official kickoff to this year's midterm campaign. can democrats do anything to improve the economy before november? and what are the costs and the benefits of america's wars abroad? joining me, republican senator from south carolina, lindsey graham, who recently returned from afghanistan, where he fulfilled his air force reserve duty. then the man behind barack obama's successful campaign for the white house, david bluff. plus our round table previews the biggest races for the fall. all this morning on "meet the press." >> and we want to thank you for making us a part of your morning. "meet the press" is coming up next, then "press here." have a great sunday and a great
7:55 am
labor day, too. >> take care. the bay area is known for being a very green community. green ovation happens every day. organic power is a sustainable ingredient. greenovation looks at people and companies who decided to turn their passions into a career. welcome to greenovation, i'm kris town send and we have unbelievable technology for you. steve clark is project manager. and you have to be so excited. all the technology you have with your company. talk to us about it. >> well, we're very excited as you'll see today when we go into our high-performance nano technology wind film. but people know us as a one stop energy store. we provide solutions that had their origins in space. now we do homes and businesses
7:56 am
with high performance reflective insulation that's been wrapped around every spacecraft, space suit since the beginning of the space program and protects it from extreme heat and cold. we put in high performance nano technology window films used on the stealth bomber to make it invisible to heat and radar. and now when you put it on windows, it saves you a lot of money, makes you more comfortable. plus, you can see through it clearly. but the first things first. what we do is come out and perform an energy audit. we use a thermal imaging camera. normally that range is $350 for your viewers. we're waving that fee for calling to our toll free number. 1-800-811-0466, or go to our website, but what i would like to do is turn it over to my project manager, steve clark, and have him explain the benefits and show you just exactly how this nano film works. >> let's show off this technology. the high-performance film is right here on this window installed on this window, and it's not on this window. let's bring in the heat lamp, and you're going to see how hot
7:57 am
it gets. the sun can come through your window. >> right. so we're showing about 400 btus coming through this andersen window. >> that's extreme heat, right? >> right. it radiates in, builds up temperature on the floor. now we're showing between 40 to 50 btus. >> completely blocks it out. it's like a shield. so not only is it reflecting the heat, but in the wintertime keeps the heat in. >> that's correct. >> which is the key to this technology. >> well, the technology is so amazing. it was listed by popular science as one of the top 100 inventions of the millennium. that's how good it is. >> give us that offer one more time. >> well, for your viewers, for calling our total free number now, 1800-811-0466 or go to our website,, they will now give that 15 point energy audit valued at $350, they will get it for free. and the first 200 callers that call right now, they will receive a space-age water heater
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blanket, same technology used in space, wrap around the water heater, it will double the hot water and give them literally a 20% savings off their hot water bills, just for calling now. >> great technology right here gon [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland,
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